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Service Area – Illinois

At LeFante Law Offices, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional legal services throughout Illinois, with a particular focus on Peoria and Bloomington. Our seasoned team specializes in personal injury cases, including auto accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, slip & fall incidents, wrongful death, and nursing home negligence. Our approach is aggressive, yet meticulously backed by solid, evidence-based strategies. But why should you choose us when there’s an abundance of legal representation available? Stick around, and we’ll give you compelling reasons why we should be your go-to choice for personal injury cases in Illinois.

Our Expertise in Personal Injury

At LeFante Law Offices, our expertise in personal injury law is unparalleled. We’ve got a seasoned team of professionals, well-versed in handling diverse personal injury cases across Illinois. Our commitment is to aggressively represent our clients, ensuring they get the justice and compensation they deserve.


In Peoria, our expertise in personal injury law helps us champion the rights of those injured due to others’ negligence, ensuring they receive the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. Our Peoria legal services are comprehensive and client-focused. We provide local representation, working closely with the injured parties to understand their unique circumstances and needs. We’re not just seasoned attorneys, we’re dedicated advocates.

We offer thorough case evaluations to get to the root of Peoria accident claims, analyzing all aspects of each case to form solid, evidence-based strategies. We believe that everyone deserves access to expert legal advice, and we’re committed to making it available to those who need it most.

Our team is well-versed in the finer points of personal injury law, and we use this knowledge to fight for fair recovery for our clients. Whether it’s a car accident, a slip-and-fall incident, or a case of medical malpractice, we’re ready to step in and provide the high-quality legal support you need.

We’re here to help you navigate through the legal process, always aiming for the best possible outcome. We stand by your side, every step of the way.

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Just like we do in Peoria, our team offers comprehensive, client-focused legal services to the people of Bloomington who are dealing with personal injuries due to others’ negligence. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch legal assistance, helping you navigate the complexities of compensation claims. Our experienced lawyers will conduct a thorough case evaluation, ensuring all aspects of your injury are considered when seeking the compensation you deserve.

Our commitment to our clients is reflected in our client testimonials. These stories of successful claims and satisfied clients demonstrate our unwavering dedication to achieving justice for all our clients. We understand the physical and emotional stress that a personal injury can bring, and we’re here to carry the legal burden for you.

To make things easier, we offer a free consultation. This allows us to understand your case better and to provide you with an informed perspective on your legal options. We believe that everyone should have access to justice, and our free consultation is one of the ways we ensure this.



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At LeFante Law Offices, we’re proud to offer an array of services to meet our clients’ needs. From battling for just compensation in auto accidents to advocating for victims of medical malpractice, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a workers’ compensation claim or a wrongful death case, we’re here to fight for justice on your behalf.

Image of car accident Service Area - Illinois

Auto Accidents

Navigating the aftermath of an auto accident can be a daunting task, and that’s where we at Lefante Law Offices, P.C. step in, offering over 26 years of experience in securing deserved compensation for victims of car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. We understand the various causes, and can accurately determine liability in a wide range of incidents.

1.Causes, Liability – We’re experts at identifying the causes of accidents and establishing liability. Whether it’s a drunk driver, a faulty vehicle, or a poorly maintained road, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

2.Insurance Claims – We assist in filing accurate insurance claims and ensure you’re not short-changed by insurance companies looking to minimize payouts.

3.Legal Process – Our team guides clients through the legal process, from evidence collection to court representation, making it less daunting and more manageable.

Our firm presents compensation options that align with the severity of your injuries and the impact on your lifestyle. We’re here to help you get back on your feet by ensuring all angles are covered – from medical bills to pain and suffering. Trust us to fight for your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation

Did you know thousands of workers suffer injuries on the job each year, and it’s our mission at Lefante Law Offices, P.C. to fight for their rights and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve? When work related injuries happen, navigating the compensation process can be daunting. That’s where we come in.

We take pride in offering top-notch legal representation to injured workers, helping them understand their benefits eligibility and guiding them through the intricate process of filing for workers’ compensation. Our team of dedicated attorneys understand the toll an injury can take, not just physically, but also emotionally and financially.

We’re here to lighten the load, ensuring all legal aspects are taken care of, so our clients can focus on their recovery. From the initial filing to the final resolution, we stand by our clients each step of the way, advocating for their rights and ensuring they get the compensation they’re entitled to.

We’ve seen how life-changing these benefits can be for our clients, and we’re committed to making that difference for each and every worker we represent.

Image of Medical Malpractice Service Area - Illinois

Medical Malpractice

Just as we tirelessly advocate for workers’ compensation cases, we’re equally committed to representing victims of medical malpractice. We understand that patient care must always be the priority, and when it’s compromised, the consequences can be severe. We’re here to help you navigate the intricate lawsuit process, ensuring you have access to legal remedies.

At LeFante Law Offices, we’re experts in managing:

1. Detecting and proving medical errors. We’ll partner with medical professionals to highlight any negligence or malpractice.

2. Filing compensation claims. We’ll meticulously document the details of your case, ensuring your claim is robust and effective.

3. Navigating the lawsuit process. We’ll guide you through every step, ensuring you’re informed and prepared.

Our mission is to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We’re dedicated to holding medical practitioners accountable for their actions, fighting tirelessly so victims can obtain justice. We won’t rest until we’ve helped you secure the compensation you need to recover and rebuild your life after experiencing medical malpractice.

Trust us to be your advocates in these challenging times.

Slip & Fall

n the blink of an eye, a simple slip and fall can drastically alter your life, and at LeFante Law Offices, we understand the gravity of such incidents. Premises liability, a legal concept we’re deeply familiar with, can often play a crucial role in these cases.

When property owners fail to ensure a safe environment, the results can be disastrous. To help our clients, we conduct a thorough hazard assessment, identifying potential sources of danger that may have contributed to the fall. We know how to navigate the complex world of liability claims, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

We work tirelessly to explore all legal remedies available to our clients. Our experienced team is adept at negotiating with insurers and opposing parties, always striving to secure the most favorable outcome.

Wrongful Death

While we tirelessly fight for justice in slip-and-fall cases, our commitment also extends to those seeking recompense in the face of a devastating wrongful death. It’s a harsh reality, but when such tragedies occur, families are often left grappling with emotional turmoil, financial burdens, and a desperate need for closure.

At LeFante Law Offices, we know that no amount of monetary assistance can replace a loved one. But, we also understand the importance of financial relief during these challenging times. That’s why we strive to secure maximum compensation claims for our clients.

1. We guide families through the complex legal process, providing not only professional expertise but also empathetic family support.

2. We fight relentlessly for accountability justice, ensuring that responsible parties are held accountable for their actions.

3. We aim to secure financial compensation to alleviate the monetary burden and help families focus on healing.

We’re not just your attorneys; we’re your partners in this journey. Together, we can seek justice for your loved ones and ensure their legacy is honored with the respect they deserve.

Nursing Home Negligence

We’re dedicated to fighting for justice in cases of nursing home negligence, working tirelessly to ensure the rights and safety of your loved ones are upheld. Our focus is on elder abuse, a deeply concerning issue that requires immediate legal remedies. We bring negligence lawsuits against those responsible, and our legal team leaves no stone unturned in pursuing compensation claims to rectify the wrongs done to our clients’ loved ones.

Our commitment to senior care is unwavering. We believe that every elderly individual deserves respect and dignified treatment, and when this is compromised, we step in to fight for justice. We understand the intricate legal landscape surrounding nursing home negligence and use our knowledge to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our team is adept at gathering evidence, constructing compelling cases, and ardently advocating for our clients in court. We’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of nursing home negligence, and we’re determined to hold those responsible accountable.

Trust us to energetically champion your loved one’s cause and to work towards securing the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Why Choose LeFante Law Offices

Omage of Law offices Service Area - Illinois

Choosing LeFante Law Offices means trusting a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers committed to pursuing justice and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. We’re more than just attorneys; we’re your trusted advocates, with an unwavering focus on client support and legal guidance.

At LeFante, our mission is straightforward:

1. We’re focused on justice served – Our team of seasoned attorneys is committed to bringing those responsible for your suffering to account, fighting tooth and nail to ensure justice is served.

2. Our approach to client support is second to none – We understand the stress and worry that legal proceedings can bring. That’s why we’re here, offering unwavering support, answering your queries, and guiding you through each step of the process.

3. We’re committed to ensuring compensation secured – Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve successfully secured substantial compensation for numerous clients, helping them rebuild their lives post-tragedy.

You’re not just a case number at LeFante; you’re a valued client deserving of justice and compensation. With us, you’ll experience the difference that genuine care and dedication make in legal representation. Let’s be your trusted advocates.

At LeFante Law Offices, we’re dedicated to fighting for justice for our clients in Illinois. Our expertise in personal injury cases, combined with our aggressive representation and evidence-based strategies, sets us apart.

We offer thorough case evaluations and free consultations. We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of those injured due to negligence. Choose us for top-notch legal representation and unwavering dedication.


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Workers Comp. Workers Comp.
Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice
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antoinette barksdale

I was surprised at the care and speed they all took with my case. I did not know what to expect every thing for my family had tuned upside down for us.The team at the law firm knew what to do and when to act .We are extremely happy with how they got things done,and… Read more “antoinette barksdale”

antoinette barksdale

Accident Loans Lawsuit Loans Redwood Funding Group

I have been an attorney for 20 years and can honestly say that the LeFante Law Firm , specifically attorney Shane Mahoney, is both attentive to the clients needs and highly successful in obtaining the most out of a settlement. I highly recommend this law firm to all seeking to make the most of their… Read more “Accident Loans Lawsuit Loans Redwood Funding Group”

Accident Loans Lawsuit Loans Redwood Funding Group

Mollee Conklin

I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else for my worker’s compensation case. They worked fast and diligently to get me a fair settlement. They would always respond to my emails quickly and explained things throughly so that I understood everything. Each time I went into the office I was treated with respect and professionalism. I would… Read more “Mollee Conklin”

Mollee Conklin

Priceless Advice

Mr. LeFante is a wonderful person and professional lawyer with experienced staff. He worked on one case for the company I owned with my husband, he was great listener, and his advice was priceless. We didn’t only win the case but we also won a great friend that we never think twice to let him… Read more “Priceless Advice”

Jason Johnson

I could not be more grateful for the legal services provided by Lefante Law Offices. I literally would not be where I am today without people like Mr. Lefante and his team. Thank you very much Lefante Law… Read more “Jason Johnson”

Jason Johnson

Mike Eddy

Wow I don’t know where to start about LeFante Law. Jim LeFante is a exceptional attorney as is Tom Norman they both are willing to go that extra 10 % and give your case a 110%. Likewise the office staff have the same commitment to your problems at hand. The office staff is always very… Read more “Mike Eddy”

Mike Eddy

Ashley Clarke

All I can say, is that if you’re hurt at work or in any type of accident. This is the team to go to. I was in a car accident in September. Shane and Jamie came to my hospital room and talked with me about what happened. Insurance being insurance!! Shane went another route to… Read more “Ashley Clarke”

Ashley Clarke

James Goldsworthy

My wife and I were involved an auto accident and needed lawyer assistance with our case. James LeFante and his staff explained all of our options, told us what steps would be taken, and communicated with us at all times during the process. His firm is very professional and he is honest and well-spoken. We… Read more “James Goldsworthy”

James Goldsworthy

Olivia Clark

When I got hit by a car I didn’t know who to turn to. Almost signed up with the “For the People” guys and then the LeFante Law Firm came over to my house to answer questions and see if they could help me. My attorney impressed me in how confident he was about helping… Read more “Olivia Clark”

Olivia Clark

Cj Akins

Tom Norman and his staff were great ! Amanda did a great job as well and got the job done. Had a great experience since this was my first time dealing with a lawyer. My only complaint is the communication needs some improvement but all in all I had a great experience and a good… Read more “Cj Akins”

Cj Akins
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