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Premises Liability & Slip-and-Fall


A trip to the store should not be followed by a trip to the emergency room. Injuries that occur on someone else’s property are called premises liability cases.

What You Should Know About Premises Liability Cases

The owner or tenant of public or private property bear the responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe for the people they allow on their property. Too often, negligence due to poor maintenance, exposure to hazardous materials, or inadequate security results in serious injuries or death.

Examples of slip-and-fall and premises liability injuries include:

  • Skull fracture from slipping on a pool of liquid in a store
  • Brain injuries from falling objects
  • Broken ankle from an uneven sidewalk
  • Injuries from stairs, ladders or handrails collapsing
  • Drowning at unguarded swimming pools
  • Injuries sustained in unlit or poorly lit parking lots
  • Injuries inflicted during the commission of a crime in an insecure area
  • Food poisoning or food-borne illnesses caused by spoiled food or improper food-handling techniques

If you are injured on someone else’s property, through no fault of your own, you need an experienced premises liability lawyer to investigate the facts and prove liability to obtain fair compensation for your injury.

Central Illinois Premises Liability Lawyer

At LeFante Law Offices, P.C., we thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances leading up to the incident, and determine instances of negligence on the part of the owner. A thorough and timely inspection of the premises is important to develop a theory of liability. We understand that you have medical bills to pay, and we are committed to recovering maximum compensation for your injuries.

Financial compensation can’t undo the injury you’ve suffered, but LeFante Law Offices, P.C. can help you obtain justice and a sense of closure.

If you have been injured because property owners failed to prevent dangerous conditions, call us today. Let attorney James P. LeFante evaluate the circumstances of your injury.

To schedule a free legal consultation, please call the Peoria premises liability lawyers at LeFante Law Offices, P.C. today at 309-999-1111  or contact us electronically by using this online form.


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