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Personal Injury Lawyer Pekin

Incidents that lead to personal injuries always catch the victims unawares but tend to leave far-lasting impacts on one’s physical, mental, and social life. For most people, these injuries are a result of another party’s negligence, and with the sudden changes to your life, it is best that you protect yourself and your loved ones by seeking compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company.

At LeFante Law Offices, we know the importance of getting the right legal representation, as this ultimately determines whether you and your loved ones will keep leading a dignified life. And, with over 25 years of experience representing injured persons and their families, you can count on us to do everything needed to ensure you get full and fair compensation.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case arises when an individual suffers bodily or emotional harm due to another party’s acts, negligence, or malicious intent. For example, if you have injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident that was caused by the other driver who was making a wide turn into oncoming traffic, you should report this to the police and file a personal injury claim.

The primary purpose of filing a personal injury claim is to ensure that the at-fault person is held accountable and that fair compensation is provided for the injuries and losses suffered, including death, disability, and property damage.

Image of personal injury in pekinTypes of Personal Injuries

There are 3 general categories of personal injuries that we will look into for every case, and these are:

  • Bodily harm. This covers any injury or harm that affects the health or comfort of the victim. These include; bruises, swelling, fractures, cuts, disfigurement, burns, and organ damage.
  • Pain and suffering. This covers the physical and mental discomfort one suffers from an injury.
  • Emotional distress. This is the psychological trauma one goes through after a physical incident.

Navigating Personal Injury Claims

You need to act fast after you or a loved one suffers personal injuries because of another party as their is a time limit to filing these cases. In Illinois, as with most states, the standard statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case is 2 years, and the clock starts running immediately after you suffer an injury.

The good news is that LeFante Law Offices is only a phone call away from taking up your case and working tirelessly to defend your rights, as we know how to handle an insurance adjuster or attorney representing the other party. We can further take up any personal injury case, regardless of whether your injuries and losses were caused by a car accident, medical malpractice, on-the-job injuries, animal attacks, nursing home negligence, or slip-and-fall incidents.

Since we are a people-driven law office, you will appreciate that we do not charge any upfront fees when you seek our services. Instead, we will provide you with a FREE consultation, and once we take up your case, you won’t pay a cent until you win.   

Identifying Liability

To get compensation for injuries/losses suffered due to another party’s negligence, you have to establish liability. This is never as simple as it seems, and since it is the foundation to filling a watertight insurance claim, you need experienced professionals to help you with this.

Luckily, with our personal injury attorneys in Pekin, IL, representing you, our experience and expertise will make establishing liability and proving negligence easier. As per the law, we’ll look into demonstrating the following:

  • There was a duty of care owed
  • There was a breach of this duty
  • The breach directly caused or led to your injuries 
  • You suffered injuries or losses due to wrongful death

Why You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

As a personal injury victim, your top priority should be maximizing your settlement award. The only way to ensure this is to partner with an experienced personal injury attorney in Pekin, IL, who will ensure you have a watertight claim and that your compensation covers, among others:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

On the contrary, you risk struggling to build a viable case by failing to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. It gets worse when dealing with the at-fault’s party lawyers and insurance companies who will do anything to ensure they write you the lowest possible settlement check.

Focus on protecting your rights and ensuring your future is not in shambles by contacting us today and having seasoned professionals help you pursue maximum compensation.

Image if a man hurt at workHow LeFante Law Offices Can Help

At Lefante Law Offices, you have a dedicated and supportive team of personal injury attorneys with a creative and authentic approach to handling personal injury cases. As our client, you are guaranteed of:

  • Free consultation and case evaluation

Do not worry about where you will get lawyer’s fee while you are already going through a hard time. Simply reach out to us for a free consultation and case evaluation. Once we take up your case, you will not pay us a cent until we win.

  • Evidence collection

We offer comprehensive services to our clients, and by working with us, you don’t have to handle anything else. We will be responsible for filing your paperwork and working with other experts to collect vital evidence to support your claim.

  • Aggressive representation

We never settle for less, as we know what the future holds for our clients. If we can’t get into an agreement with the at-fault party or their insurance company, we will be ready to file a lawsuit so that you can get a fair settlement.

Why Choose LeFante Law Offices?

You need to take the right steps after a personal injury incident, as your actions hold a lot for you and your family. At LeFante Law Offices, we are ready to listen to your concerns and take up the mandate of getting full and fair compensation as you focus on healing and being with your loved ones.

Contact us today for your free consultation, and let us offer you the legal representation you need during these challenging times.

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