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Car Accident Lawyer in Pekin

Getting involved in a car accident can be life-altering. In fact, car accidents are responsible for over 1,000 deaths and 90,000 injuries each year in Illinois. This translates to thousands of families facing the burden of living without a loved one or caring for loved ones involved in car accidents.

At LeFante Law Offices, we understand how difficult it is to go through these periods, and while nothing can rectify the damages suffered, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries or losses. Let’s help you fight for your rights and ensure you become as whole as possible by recovering damages for your injuries or losses.

What Is A Car Accident Claim?

A car accident claim arises when an individual suffers injuries or losses after an auto accident, be it a truck accident, motorcycle accident, or work vehicle accident. In the event that the person involved in a car accident dies, the family or dependents can file a claim and recover for losing a loved one.

Image of a car accident lawyer in pekinTypes Of Car Accidents

There are different types of car accidents that you or a loved one can get involved in, and the most common ones are:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Roll-overs
  • Side-impact accidents
  • Hit and run

Navigating Car Accident Claims

It takes much more than filing paperwork to get fair compensation after a car accident. Instead, you need to follow through the claims process, where you must first build a watertight case proving you deserve fair compensation.

This means collecting evidence to show who was at fault and proving that the car accident caused your injuries or losses. Here is where our car accident attorneys in Pekin, Illinois, come to your rescue, as we have the expertise and experience to make your claim successful.

However, it is vital that immediately after getting involved in a car accident, you do the following:

  • Call 911

The police should be the first point of contact after a car accident as they need to complete a report that will play a vital role when filing your claim or arguing your case.

  • Seek medical attention

Regardless of whether your injuries are minimal or severe, always seek medical attention immediately. This way, you have a doctor’s report showing the injuries suffered.

  • Notify your insurance company

Your insurer needs to be notified immediately after a car accident to avoid complications when filing your claim.

  • Contact an experienced car accident attorney

Finally, you need to get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney to help you handle all the legal aspects of your case. And in Pekin, IL, LeFante Law Offices is only a phone call away from helping you get fair compensation.

Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can happen at any time and to anyone. Unfortunately, these incidents tend to have far-lasting impacts as they leave the victims nursing injuries and undergoing emotional trauma, which can last a lifetime. At worst, it can result in losing a loved one and the pain of having to move on without them.

Despite all this, getting valuable compensation for your injuries or losses is never a walk in the park. Insurance companies and the lawyers representing the at-fault party will look at everything under a microscope, as they know most people make mistakes when filing their claims or do not have sufficient evidence for their cases. And failure to have a watertight case could lead to you losing compensation or settling for far less compensation than you deserve.

On the contrary, by hiring our experienced team of car accident attorneys in Pekin, IL, you will have seasoned professionals managing every step of your case. This way, you are guaranteed knowledgeable guidance and top-notch legal representation focused on your well-being. In the end, by choosing LeFante Law Offices, you have a law firm that will keep fighting for your rights and ensure you maximize your compensation.

Image of a car accidentHow LeFante Law Offices Can Help

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, LeFante Law Offices is here to offer all the help you need with your case. As a team that has been helping car accident victims for decades, we have what it takes to achieve positive results. Most importantly, by choosing us, you are guaranteed of:

  • No fees until we win

At Lefante Law Offices, you get a FREE consultation and case evaluation. Once we take up your case, you will enjoy our no-stress arrangement, where you don’t pay us a cent until we win.

  • Nothing but the best possible outcome

It is our policy never to settle for less, and by having our car accident lawyers representing you, nothing will stop us from ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

Why Choose LeFante Law Offices?

Time is of the essence for any car accident victim, as failure to file a claim at the right moment could make you lose your deserved compensation. Luckily for you, with LeFante Law Offices ever ready to look out for your best interests, you don’t have to take chances when your future and that of your loved ones are at stake.

Contact us today for your free consultation, and let us ensure you get the best representation and can recover maximum compensation for your losses.


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